About Logan

Hey! My name is Logan Buehrer, and I’m known as the photographer / drone guy. I’m an FAA certified (part 107) UAV pilot with a passion for photography. Some of my areas of expertise include: Aerial Photography specifically for realtors whether it be home, land, or farm. Landscape Photography, as more of a hobby when I travel. Social Media Photography, for small businesses or influencers. Portraits for professional settings, kids, or any other occasion.

I picked up a camera in 2015, and since then I’ve been through quite a bit, but one thing that has always stayed consistent is my passion for photography. I enjoy it for all different reasons and I’m happy to be able to offer it as a service.

If theres something you’re looking for specifically or just want to chat, shoot me an email or instagram message.

Email: Lmbuehrer12@gmail.com
IG: @ibuehrer