5 Ways To Secure Your Instagram Account

It’s 2018, rather than getting into a fight with someone or getting your tires slashed, people just attack your online clout, bro. Also beware of all of those people who hack for a living to get access to your account to sell it, or use it as their own. So make sure you secure your account with these 5 steps.

1.) difficult password

You’re going to want to include numbers, special characters like !@#$%^, lowercase and uppercase and something that only you know! The easier the password the easier it is for people to guess your password, or hack it with programs.

2.) attach an email

Go into your settings/edit profile and attach an email. This is super important, you’re going to want to attach & confirm the email. If you ever forget your password or lose access to your account, your email is usually the first step to getting the information back!



3.) attach your phone #

This setting will be with your email, you’ll want to attach a phone number and confirm the phone number. This is important for setting up step #5, and for pretty much just securing the account into your position.

4.) Link your facebook

You can find this in your settings then click linked accounts. Link your Facebook up, this is pretty important. If you lose access to your account and your email, you can log back into your Instagram with your Facebook account! I just recently found this out, and I love this feature. It really helps protect your account.

5.) Two-Factor Authentication

This is the ultimate way of securing your account. With Two-Factor Authentication, as soon as someone tries to login to your account it will force them to enter a 6 digit code which is sent to either your email, or your phone number. So it makes it VERY difficult for anyone except for the account owner to access it. If you get an access code sent to you, it means someone is trying to access to your account… which means.. you should probably change your password immediately! To set this up just go into your settings, click two-factor authentication and link your phone up to it and click turn on. The only negative part about the Two-Factor is that if someone else is helping manage your account it’s a bit tricky to use this feature, so without a doubt have all of the other features secured!





Don’t give your password out to anyone you don’t trust!


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