5 Ways To Secure Your Instagram Account

It’s 2018, rather than getting into a fight with someone or getting your tires slashed, people just attack your online clout, bro. Also beware of all of those people who hack for a living to get access to your account to sell it, or use it as their own. So make sure you secure your account with these 5 steps.

1.) difficult password

You’re going to want to include numbers, special characters like !@#$%^, lowercase and uppercase and something that only you know! The easier the password the easier it is for people to guess your password, or hack it with programs.

2.) attach an email

Go into your settings/edit profile and attach an email. This is super important, you’re going to want to attach & confirm the email. If you ever forget your password or lose access to your account, your email is usually the first step to getting the information back!



3.) attach your phone #

This setting will be with your email, you’ll want to attach a phone number and confirm the phone number. This is important for setting up step #5, and for pretty much just securing the account into your position.

4.) Link your facebook

You can find this in your settings then click linked accounts. Link your Facebook up, this is pretty important. If you lose access to your account and your email, you can log back into your Instagram with your Facebook account! I just recently found this out, and I love this feature. It really helps protect your account.

5.) Two-Factor Authentication

This is the ultimate way of securing your account. With Two-Factor Authentication, as soon as someone tries to login to your account it will force them to enter a 6 digit code which is sent to either your email, or your phone number. So it makes it VERY difficult for anyone except for the account owner to access it. If you get an access code sent to you, it means someone is trying to access to your account… which means.. you should probably change your password immediately! To set this up just go into your settings, click two-factor authentication and link your phone up to it and click turn on. The only negative part about the Two-Factor is that if someone else is helping manage your account it’s a bit tricky to use this feature, so without a doubt have all of the other features secured!





Don’t give your password out to anyone you don’t trust!


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How to spot an account with FAKE followers

Have you ever seen an account that looks reaaallly popular, but then they only get 50, 60, maybe 70 likes? Or less? It’s probably a fake account. A fake account in my opinion is an account that pays for a lot of fake followers to make themselves look more popular, or famous. I think it’s a complete waste of money. Sometimes, people are trying to get followers but don’t understand the difference between real growth and fake growth. If you’re looking to get quality, real followers… check out my services HERE they are 100% organic… none of the spammy fake crap!

You can tell an organically grown account vs a fake account very easily.

  1. They usually get very low engagement. (not always I’ll talk about this later though)
  2. They often have way more followers than they are following.
  3. There followers are all extremely spammy looking accounts(I’ll show an example later)

So, lets see if you can spot the real account vs the fake account below.



A fake follower will usually 

  • have a username that looks like jibberish
  • very few photos
  • possibly a private account
  • may be missing a profile pictures


as you can see, I used a demo account and clicked followers, heres what popped up. Once I saw the followers I clicked on a few, and as you can see… they are fake accounts following them. The problem is these accounts will NEVER engage with your page making them completely useless and a waste of money.

Now we can talk about engagement rates. If you see an account with 10k followers and they are only getting 50-60 likes, probably majority of their followers are fake. Below you can see a chart of average engagement rates (Thanks smartinsights.com!)




Make sure when growing your account, you’re ALWAYS doing it the organic way.


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Organic VS Non-Organic Growth

This is a second article which goes along with my first article on a similar topic which you can find in the link below.

HERE you can read my article on how you can spot a fake Instagram.

Let’s talk about legitimate growth now. Organic vs Non-Organic growth.

You must understand that there are several ways to grow your Instagram account. Some are very powerful techniques, and some simply just a complete waste of time. I have personally been studying Instagram techniques the last 18 months and believe I have found one of the best methods which I offer full service for HERE.

I have two very important rules for going about purchasing a service to grow your Instagram account.

1.) Make sure you’re not paying for a bot service!

2.) Make sure you’re not paying for fake followers!


The reason you don’t want to pay for a bot service is that you will find that it can put your account at risk for temporary, or even permanent bans on things like following bans, liking bans, direct messaging bans, comment bans, or even ban your entire account in rare occasions. These temporary bans are a huge pain to deal with. Instagram will literally not allow you to execute these actions if they suspect bot actions. Sometimes only 24 hours, but sometimes longer. I have heard of people getting banned from following for a full year! You might as well just delete your account and start over if that ever happens ;(

Another reason you will want to avoid bot services is that if a bot comes across a page that is extremely fake looking, it won’t recognize that. It will still target any type of account, even if it’s spammy fake accounts. If you’re having a human going through and manually prospecting different targets, they can usually take away the majority of these spammy accounts. If a human is managing your account, you will be able to switch up the targets easily, avoid bad targets, and gain way more legitimate, engaging followers. The end result of having a marketing team is to have REAL people following you, people like you and I. People that you can message, talk to, and be friends with. Having a spammy fake account following you is 100% useless.


There is a big difference between a bot company and an organic(human) service who uses software. Software can be OK, as long as it’s operated within the limits. Typically software can be very useful if the person who is using it knows what they are doing. Just make sure they are experienced with marketing.

Many of times, affiliates of different companies will reach out to different types of people to get them to buy their services. Just simply ask them if it’s a bot service, or if its fake followers. See if they have some examples of accounts they have worked with, and then go through that person’s followers and likes to see if they are getting real followers because if you choose to work with this person, that is the type of results you will see.

Organic growth is simply bringing you quality, real, engaging people to your page within your target demographic.


I hope this helps 


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5 ways to organically grow your Instagram

5 ways to organic grow Instagram engagement!


Growing your Instagram can be a difficult task. It can take a really long time, a lot of work and you may never see the results that you’re trying to get. I’ve personally grown my page to 18,500 in just one short year. You can read about that here though. I wanted to give away a few of my secrets, so pay attention closely!

What is engagement?

Engagement in my own view is when someone reaches out to you, likes your photos, tags you, comments on your photos etc. It’s basically just gaining attention from people. Personally, if I’m reading a book and I find a page super intriguing and post it, I look forward to hearing what others have to say about it, or ask me what book it is. I also really enjoy it when I’m traveling and I post where I am and someone reaches out to me and tells me they are from the area. This happens quite often! Organic engagement is just having people follow you, and who are usually genuinely interested in what you have to say! This is from a guys perspective, from a womens perspective it may be a bit different dealing with different situations and followers.


1. Be consistent!

What I mean by being consistent is that when you’re posting make sure to do it consistently. If you decide you want to post 2 times a week, do so. But don’t miss weeks, and don’t give up. There are times I get really busy and can’t always keep up and those are the times I notice the lowest amount of growth. When I’m consistently posting often, I see much higher results.


Don’t post selfies in a dirty mirror with a toilet in the background. It’s 2018, the quality of the camera on the phones these days is absolutely ridiculous. I am a photographer and own a Sony A7ii and sometimes I find myself using my phone to take pictures because it’s so easy to use and it’s so dang good! When you’re going to take a picture of something, think about the background, think about the way you look and the other people in the photo look. Don’t be selfish, a quality picture isn’t hard to get. If you’re struggling to capture a good photo of yourself, just stop and try again later or the next day. If you’re traveling and want to get a picture of a different subject, take a couple of minutes to snap a quality picture. Not just for Instagram, but because photos last forever…make it count! However, don’t waste your whole day just trying to get a picture. Sometimes it’s best just to let it go and get a different one later.

3. Stay ACTIVE, everywhere!

This is extremely extremely important. When I’m in “growth” mode, I make sure to keep my stories active, my posts active, my messages active and lastly my comments active. On my stories I’ll post my day to day things that are pretty irrelevant but just to give my followers a taste of my life. Maybe a clip while I’m cooking up a delicious breakfast, or maybe a quick picture from my walk. Some other things I’ll post are sunsets, sunrises, inspiring quotes, books I’m reading, cool things I see when I’m out and about… just ‘whatever things’. Then, when I post a picture onto my feed, I’ll also post it on my story and ask my followers to check it out.

Staying active on your posts just means to be consistent posting onto your feed. I recommend at least 3-5 times a week. Be careful though, it also depends on the industry and the view you’re trying to obtain. If you’re a model, posting 5 pictures in a day may be a bad idea, but if you’re an entrepreneur who mentors people… it might really be beneficial to post more than one picture in a day.

Make sure you’re keeping your messages active. If you see someone you want to connect with, reach out to them. If someone messages you, do your best to respond or atleast like their message. You don’t want to be hard to reach especially if you’re just starting out!

Keeping your comments active just simply means, comment on your friends pictures, or people you are inspired by, or local people you follow that you might find has a real cool page. Commenting on other pictures will make them wonder who you are, or simply just think of you. Of course, you’ll want them to think of you to check out your page and maybe shoot you a follow or like.

4. Be unique!

Just be yourself. Too many people on Instagram are trying to be the next Jay Alvarrez, don’t get me wrong he seems like a cool guy… but why not just be yourself. Be the original *insert your name here*. Sure, find inspiration from others, but don’t copy their page with the same stuff because that won’t get you very far. Be personalable to you, pave your own unique creativity. People will find a lot more value in you if you’re original.

5. Add value

Don’t spam everyones feed with useless junk. If you want to send a picture of yourself, add something in the bio, or add value from your story. What I mean by adding value is simply just giving the people a reason to check back on you. Don’t fill captions with insecurities, fill your captions with positive vibes and happy words. When people message you asking you questions, maybe help answer them instead of ignoring them… They will be a much more loyal ‘fan’ and engage with you more.


Don’t take social media too serious. Don’t grow your page and fill it with insecurities and negative vibes. Instagram is supposed to be an uplifting community. Don’t spend all of your time trying to capture the perfect photo all the time, and spend time living in the present moment enjoying the moment itsself. Sure, photos are cool, and posting on IG is cool and as a 21 year old I love seeing people like and comment on my stuff… but theres so much more to life. So enjoy Instagram in doses, and while you try to better your IG, also try to better your “real world” life.


Peace & Love