How to spot an account with FAKE followers

Have you ever seen an account that looks reaaallly popular, but then they only get 50, 60, maybe 70 likes? Or less? It’s probably a fake account. A fake account in my opinion is an account that pays for a lot of fake followers to make themselves look more popular, or famous. I think it’s a complete waste of money. Sometimes, people are trying to get followers but don’t understand the difference between real growth and fake growth. If you’re looking to get quality, real followers… check out my services HERE they are 100% organic… none of the spammy fake crap!

You can tell an organically grown account vs a fake account very easily.

  1. They usually get very low engagement. (not always I’ll talk about this later though)
  2. They often have way more followers than they are following.
  3. There followers are all extremely spammy looking accounts(I’ll show an example later)

So, lets see if you can spot the real account vs the fake account below.



A fake follower will usually 

  • have a username that looks like jibberish
  • very few photos
  • possibly a private account
  • may be missing a profile pictures


as you can see, I used a demo account and clicked followers, heres what popped up. Once I saw the followers I clicked on a few, and as you can see… they are fake accounts following them. The problem is these accounts will NEVER engage with your page making them completely useless and a waste of money.

Now we can talk about engagement rates. If you see an account with 10k followers and they are only getting 50-60 likes, probably majority of their followers are fake. Below you can see a chart of average engagement rates (Thanks!)




Make sure when growing your account, you’re ALWAYS doing it the organic way.


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