Organic VS Non-Organic Growth

This is a second article which goes along with my first article on a similar topic which you can find in the link below.

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Let’s talk about legitimate growth now. Organic vs Non-Organic growth.

You must understand that there are several ways to grow your Instagram account. Some are very powerful techniques, and some simply just a complete waste of time. I have personally been studying Instagram techniques the last 18 months and believe I have found one of the best methods which I offer full service for HERE.

I have two very important rules for going about purchasing a service to grow your Instagram account.

1.) Make sure you’re not paying for a bot service!

2.) Make sure you’re not paying for fake followers!


The reason you don’t want to pay for a bot service is that you will find that it can put your account at risk for temporary, or even permanent bans on things like following bans, liking bans, direct messaging bans, comment bans, or even ban your entire account in rare occasions. These temporary bans are a huge pain to deal with. Instagram will literally not allow you to execute these actions if they suspect bot actions. Sometimes only 24 hours, but sometimes longer. I have heard of people getting banned from following for a full year! You might as well just delete your account and start over if that ever happens ;(

Another reason you will want to avoid bot services is that if a bot comes across a page that is extremely fake looking, it won’t recognize that. It will still target any type of account, even if it’s spammy fake accounts. If you’re having a human going through and manually prospecting different targets, they can usually take away the majority of these spammy accounts. If a human is managing your account, you will be able to switch up the targets easily, avoid bad targets, and gain way more legitimate, engaging followers. The end result of having a marketing team is to have REAL people following you, people like you and I. People that you can message, talk to, and be friends with. Having a spammy fake account following you is 100% useless.


There is a big difference between a bot company and an organic(human) service who uses software. Software can be OK, as long as it’s operated within the limits. Typically software can be very useful if the person who is using it knows what they are doing. Just make sure they are experienced with marketing.

Many of times, affiliates of different companies will reach out to different types of people to get them to buy their services. Just simply ask them if it’s a bot service, or if its fake followers. See if they have some examples of accounts they have worked with, and then go through that person’s followers and likes to see if they are getting real followers because if you choose to work with this person, that is the type of results you will see.

Organic growth is simply bringing you quality, real, engaging people to your page within your target demographic.


I hope this helps 


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